Scott’s SAQ Training

My life as a personal trainer is varied and allows me to train clients on many different levels. However, training Scott has pushed me to another platform and I am hoping he would say the same!

The sessions I do with Scott work in conjunction with his boxing training. Once a week we partake in speed training and twice a week I put him through his paces with SAQ (speed, agility & quickness) training. This is aimed at developing motor abilities and control of body movement through the development of the neuromuscular system.

There are many benefits to SAQ training, which include –

  • Increased muscular power
  • Improved lateral, horizontal and multi-planar movements
  • Better brain signal efficiency
  • Superior body awareness and motor skills
  • Enhanced reaction force and time
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Removal of mental blocks and thresholds

By using SAQ training I am retraining the neuromuscular system and this in turn will improve Scott’s ability to perform explosive, multi-directional movements, better co-ordinating the body and brain. All of these positives enable Scott to use maximal force during controlled and balanced movement patterns, which are specific to his boxing.

Anybody watching Scott in the boxing ring would agree that he has natural ability and agility however since SAQ training his fitness, mental attitude and determination have all improved ten fold.


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