Scott Quigg meets the DDark Destroyer

Nigel Benn was guest speaker at the Bolholt Country Park and Hotel in Bury last night,Friday 24th April. Scott took time out of his busy training schedule to join Nigel and they shared mutual respect for each other. Benn, is no stranger to difficult opponents, having boxed the eccentric Chris Eubank twice. Their rivalry and mutual dislike for each other is legendary. Nigel asked Scott where he was up to with the Frampton fight and offered him words of advice. Scott Quigg with the Dark Destroyer, Nigel Benn     Nigel Benn was a guest of Bury Promoter,┬áDez Brewer of …

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Barry McGuigan’s statement to the BBC

  Read the latest interview by McGuigan to the BBC why they wont accept the Frampton v Quigg Fight.   In response Scott replied “Carl’s team are either Crazy or Greedy, possibly both. I wonder if Carl knows exactly what his team are doing and I hope that they are telling him everything. I wish Carl Good luck which ever way he goes.”

Burt Times Article on Scott Quigg

Quigg v Frampton Will not happen on the 18th July

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